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Clothing Casual Shirts | Jack Wolfskin Tech Tee Women guave – LP59518


Brand: Jack Wolfskin


Clothing Casual Shirts | Jack Wolfskin Tech Tee Women guave LP59518

On sweaty day hikes and trekking tours you keep a cool head with the lightweight TECH-T. As soon as moisture forms on your skin, the polyester jersey absorbs it and wicks it away. It then dries again quickly. It also reduces the formation of unpleasant odours, so you have a feeling of freshness all day.

Jack Wolfskin’s fibre technology for active moisture management. TEXADRI materials quickly absorb sweat, wicking it away from the skin and distributing it over a large area to effectively accelerate evaporation. The moisture can thus be better absorbed and transported and the fabric dries faster, so that as little moisture as possible forms on the skin. The breathable fabric is made from fibres that store very little moisture and quickly release it to the next layer or the ambient air due to their fibre structure.

MICROBAN is the global leader in sustainable cellulose fibres,providing antimicrobial technologies and odour control solutions.


  • Made from TEXADRI Jersey Plain Anti Odour
  • Functional shirt
  • Light and supple
  • Humidity-regulating

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